Top 5 Desk Tidies

Continuing with our ‘Top 5’ week theme, today we are taking a look at the best 5 desk tidies to complement your office and desk range.

An essential item, without a desk tidy, where will you store all your pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, correction fluid, highlighters, tape, pins, paper clips, erasers, sharpeners etc? They’d just be lying all over the place getting in your way, and you can guarantee that when you need one of them, you won’t be able to find it! I used to store my pens inside rolls of stacked up sticky tape, but it’d bug me whenever I needed to use them tape and I’d have to take everything out. It was alright for a temporary solution, but I needed something more permanent you know? A desk tidy was the only way to go.

So we’ve picked out our top 5 and here they are;

At number one without hesitation we have Osco Mesh Scratch-Resistant Pencil Pot. We love this one! Sure there are others that have pretty cool features, but we love the simple, traditional style of this one combined with the retro overall look, plus its price tags pretty tempting too! Designed in the age old tubular format but finished in a metal mesh, this desk tidy is made from a scratch and corrosion resistant metal and has the reassurance of a non-marking rubber base in order to protect your surfaces! All for just £13.50 inc VAT!

At number two we have the Avery All-In-One Executive Desktop Organiser. We love the almost space look of this one and can see how it would complement any desk, suiting someone in a managerial, executive role, or maybe just someone looking to make an impression! The clever desktop organisational unit combines a letter tray, an envelope tray, a desk tidy, two pen-pot holders, a mobile phone holder, and a magazine rack. You wouldn’t think it to look at it, until you look a little closer! All for just £26.71 inc VAT!

At number three we’ve chosen the Post-it Desktop Organiser which combines absolutely everything! For just £22.73 inc VAT, you’ll get a weighted organisational gem that’ll house everything you could need at your finger tips; not just the standard pens, rulers, erasers, pins and clips, but also Post-it notes, Post-it Indexes, and Scotch tape! So much storage, but so little space consumed!

It may be simple, but at number 4 we have the Rexel Nimbus Acrylic Pencil Pot which we feel would sit nicely on any desktop. Perfect for adding a touch of class to your desk, this stylish Rexel pen pot is sure to give a sophisticated look to your office! It’s clear, glossy finish and elegant shape adds simplicity in its most exquisite form whilst its single compartment means you can store just about anything without the restrictions commonly associated with multi-compartment desk tidies. Just £10.21 inc VAT!

Finally we have the Alba Rotating Desktop Organiser which is ideal for the lazy office worker! This desk tidy looks like the old traditional kind, however it has one simple advantage! With tubes of varying lengths and widths to house a range of different sized stationery items, along with trays for smaller items such a pins, clips, erasers and so on, the only thing that could top this organiser is by adding one simple little concept; rotation. Rotating 360°, this desk top organiser allows for access from all angles and all for just £28.07 inc VAT!

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