Classroom Essentials on a School Budget

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The school summer holidays are fast approaching which means that you teachers have some organising to do! Aside from all the planning and preparation needed in order to ensure that the new school year and class get off to a good start, you’ll also need to consider your supplies. Cast your mind forward; do you have enough paper to see you through the year? How are the colouring pencils looking, running low? Have you lost one too many pencil sharpeners and now finding one when you need it is a mission? Have the children snapped the rulers and how are the erasers looking? Printer cartridges run low pretty quick, have you stocked your store cupboards? The list of supplies is never ending.

Your class are likely to create project books; do you have enough treasury tags? Have you checked your glue sticks recently, are they looking dried up? It’s impossible to address an entire class without a whiteboard or blackboard; do you have the chalk or markers?

Office 365 is a website which caters to all your school needs. We really do have everything you need and more besides. From your trimmers and guillotines, to staplers and staples, we even have a great range of electrical’s for your convenience! Office 365’s range even stretches to furniture so that you can purchase classroom desks, receptions furniture, canteen tables and even lockers at the same place you’ll find your filing supplies so that ordering can be done with just one company; us!

But it doesn’t stop there! We’ve carefully considered further incentives so that we can be sure that we’re bringing you the best deal and a service which far exceeds that of our competitors! We’re so confident of our low prices that we even offer a price match policy! Further to this, if you’re ordering from a school we can accept official purchase orders faxed to our FreeFax 0800 612 9524 or sent via email with the order attached to [email protected]! Ordering in bulk can often mean you’ll qualify for further discounts too, so don’t forget to ask.

Finally, all new customers will earn an additional 10% off their first order, plus every order over the value of £60 qualifies for a free chocolate gift! Think of it as bribery for the school kids! You can pay using credit or debit cards, or even using PayPal when you buy online! However if you’d like to discuss payment methods further, then do feel free to contact us on 0870 766 1624.

Top Tips to Keep Your Keyboard in Pristine Condition!

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The keyboard it quite literally the most important part of your computer system. Without it your computer is of no use at all! But then this could be another case of the chicken or the egg? Regardless, it is poignantly clear that the QWERTY keyboard is an essential for your computer use and without it; you’ll be in big trouble!

The trouble is, the keyboard is so easily damaged and often the most commonly replaced piece of computer hardware! Have you spilled one too many crumbs over your keyboard? Worse still did you spill your morning coffee over it and now the keys keep getting stuck? Keyboard failure is a common complaint and you can be sure that 99% of the time the keyboards lack of response will be due to your own misuse! They say live and learn, well maybe it’s high time you learn and maybe it’s also time I stop being hypocritical and learn for myself! Invest in a new keyboard and treat it right!

Top Tips

You’ll wear the keys out faster if you hit them hard; don’t keep pressing a key over and over if it’s not working, this will simply make it worse. The chances are the key has something lodged underneath. Poise yourself and take a look; it could be repairable!

Keep all food and drinks away from your computer! If you accidentally spill your drink, it could cause your keyboard to fail which is more often than not, irreparable! Worse still and much more costly, it could ruin your entire computer. When it comes to food, this is simply a no go I’m afraid! Crumbs from your food could fall into the keyboard and cause your keys to jam and get stuck, this is unbelievably common. Either eat somewhere else, or cover over your keyboard!

Consider the germs and bacterial that builds up from constant use! Use keyboard cleaning cloths to keep the keys clean, and ensure that you use an air duster to get between the keys. Please note, always switch of your computer at the mains prior to cleaning!

Now that you know how to maintain your keyboard, you can allow yourself to invest in a decent one! How’s about this Logitech MK520 Cordless Keyboard & Mouse featured.

  • Full-size keyboard with concave keys and contoured laser mouse
  • Palm rest for resting hands when not typing
  • Keyboard stores upright when not in use, freeing up valuable desk space
  • Full-size mouse for either left hand or right hand use
  • Laser precision provides smoother tracking
  • Just £50.76 inc VAT!

Just what you need to make typing a more pleasurable experience, plus you’ll even enjoy a brand new mouse for free! For quotes on bulk orders, please feel free to call us on 0870 766 1624.

For A Fresher More Inviting Bathroom!

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Are you looking to clean up your act in the workplace? So you’ve noticed your staff and visitors turning their noses up at the bathroom facilities? This can be quite embarrassing. As long as the fixtures and fittings themselves are fine, like for example the toilets, cubicle’s, sinks, flooring and tiles; the rest can be done fairly cheaply! You’ll want to look at how you freshen the room (some would say most importantly), what facilities you provide for washing the hands, and whether you will opt for hand dryers or disposable hand towels. This is where Office 365 can help.

Hand Soap – We highly recommend when kitting out your washroom with all the small janitorial supplies, that you do NOT consider soap bars. Soap bars can be stolen (petty yes, but it happens!), they leave a mess around your sink, they can dry up and crack, and often they spread more germs than they clean. Instead opt for a hand soap dispenser. We would highly recommend one which is fixed to your wall so that these cannot be stolen too, plus, they enable you to refill them. Try our Purell Touch Free Dispenser featured, perfect for minimising bacteria spread as it will not come into contact with dirty hand, plus is available for just £6.82 inc VAT!

Hand Drying – Either way, the disposable hand towel and the hand dryer do the job. You could look at either one and say it is more harmful to our environment than the other, for example, disposable ones involve waste, however do come in recycled options (like our 5 Star Recycled Hand Towels featured), and a hand dryer does not involve waste, accept uses energy, however can come in low energy consumption. The choice is ultimately up to you. My personal recommendation is both. There is nothing more annoying when you’re in a hurry than having to stand and wait for your turn to use the hand dryer, or having to wait for your hands to dry while using the dryer. In many cases people run for a cubical to use toilet paper which is very wasteful and ends up clogging toilets. The ideal bathroom in my opinion would have recycled hand towels and a fast action hand dryer! Try our Veltia High Speed Hand Dryer featured!

Air Freshener – When freshening your facilities, please keep the fragrance topped up! It is a pet hate for staff and visitors to use facilities which stink! Not to mention you may have to deal with welcoming clients or viable customers to your premises while a ‘waft’ also heads their way to greet them! We suggest you do not opt for the cheapest option; these can often smell as bad as the odour itself! However maybe you’d like to try for yourself before you go with a more permanent option. We suggest that you choose an air freshener which does not require physically spraying; choose an option which releases fragrance by itself. A non permanent option would be our Glade Gel Air Freshener featured which is only £2.68 inc VAT! However a good permanent option is our Tcell Starter Kit featured which fragrances and neutralises odours continuously.

For more information simply visit our site where you will find our full range of supplies. Or alternatively call to speak to a member of our team on 0870 766 1624.

Aunty Amy’s Gardening Tips – Using a Cup of Rosie Lee?


What are us ‘Brits’ known for best do you think? Scour the net, speak to your foreign friends and family, visit a neighbouring country, or travel half way across the world; the answer remains the same, tea! Us English folk love a good brew (besides myself however, I’ll always opt for a coffee but there we are). My mind is filled with memories of tea with my great grandmother (asking for 3 lumps and getting just one, every time!), tea at my friends houses, the obsession with tea drinking every 20 minutes at my ex’s families house and the incessant tea drinking of colleagues at my various places of work over the years. However my family and I, particularly my mother’s side, have never been known to drink it, not even my grandparents…I guess it’s in the genes; funny that, considering my Mothers line is purely English!

However us people are not the only ones who like a good brew! Thanks to my sister in law (to be!); I recently learned that feeding your house plants with cold tea will help them thrive! Cold tea fed to house plants will provide them with tannic acid which is good for them! So taking her advice, I began feeding the sunflower that my daughter is growing for her school project with tea. The plant is due into school for measuring in a few weeks time; it is a competition to see which child grows the tallest sunflower. Not that I’m competitive or anything (ahem!), I have been specially brewing tea for it! Combined with the additional carbon dioxide my 6 year old lovingly provides our little green friend as she sings it lullaby’s (yes, you heard right), it’s really doing rather well!

So thanks to ‘Aunty Amy’s’ green fingers, my daughter can walk into school with her hopefully ‘doozy’ of a sunflower and I shall watch from a distance as the other mothers and children ‘deflate’ upon viewing the spectacular, Guinness Book of Records size plant in her arms. Optimism? Possibly, it currently stands at a not so gigantic 4 inches… You never know!

So if you’d like to try out Amy’s gardening tips for yourself, or maybe you’re just hankering after a cup of Rosie Lee, then we have an enormous bag of Tetley on offer for you now. Our Tetley Tea Bags come in mega packs of 440 so will last your household or office of eager tea consumers for quite some time! Grab a bargain that makes everyone happy, yes, even your green leaved friends, for just £15.59 inc VAT!

For more gardening hints and tips, see Amy; for stationery, office supplies, janitorial, catering and education equipment, visit!

Flipchart Pads The Essential Office Aid!

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It’s funny how an item as simple as a large pad of paper, basically headbound so that each page can be turned over at the top to reveal the next sheet, would become such a vital product in every school, office and place of business! The flipchart pad is popularly used combined with an easel during presentations, lectures and seminars. Even though time has moved on and we are using more, increasingly advanced technology, the flip chart still continues to be the most effective presentation media there is.

The flipchart pad is a prime example of how it isn’t always necessary to invest a lot of money in high tech visual aids in order to create an effective presentation; the best visual aids are in fact the simplest. It is essential to remember the purpose your visual aid is intended for; you are looking to enhance your demonstration, not upstage it.

Often people invest in high tech presentation equipment, however find that due to the cost of replacement parts, bulbs, software and specialists accessories needed in order to complete the lecture; the machinery ends up dusty in a cupboard. There are several advantages to using a flip chart pad; you will not need to budget for bulbs, extension leads, specialist films and expensive markers; upgrading software, laser pointers and other such accessories; all that is required when using a flipchart pad is a box of flip chart markers. Using a flipchart enables you to brainstorm ideas and methods with your audience; you will be able to make last minute changes with complete ease!

Flipcharts are commonly used for:

  • Presentations
  • Training
  • Capturing information during group discussions
  • With an easel as a display and information board (where other methods prove too expensive or information is changeable)
  • Teaching in schools, colleges or universities
  • Track targets and goals in sales and manufacturing places of work
  • Display menus or specials in cafes and restaurants
  • Child play and learning in nurseries and pre schools
  • Art classes and artists
  • Coaching in schools, offices and sports teams

At Office 365 we have a selection of pads by the makers of 5 Star, Nobo, PAD, Quartet and Whitebox in a large variety of options such as perforated, plain, ruled and seven self adhesive! Ordering online couldn’t be simpler, however if you need any help or advise, please feel free to contact a member of our team on 0870 766 1624.

Save Yourselves From Neck Strain With These!

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It comes as no surprise to me that nearly a third of all Europeans who work at a desk within an office, suffer neck ache associated with an inappropriate workstation environment. I work for many hours a day writing articles and content, however my home does not have the proper facilities for me to work comfortably as many people will find regardless of where they work. Because of this I frequently experience neck and shoulder pain which can sometimes last for days on end.

If you must move your head to view your screen or to read documents continuously throughout the day, then your neck and upper back are being tilted and turned. The improper positioning of your screen or documents will place serious strain on your neck, back and shoulders triggering pain, stiffness and fatigue.

I have been on the lookout for a well thought-out solution to this problem for some time and understand that I will need something to proper position my screen and documents at a comfortable viewing angle. If the position and angle of these items is correct, it will reduce the strain to the neck and upper back. It is suggested that the top of your screen should be at eye level or just below and that is should be set at about an arm’s length away.

I have finally found just the thing! Our Fellowes Compact TFT/LCD Monitor Riser featured provides the perfect accompaniment to every desk and the ideal solution to neck and back strain!

  • Modern design complements any flat screen TFT LCD monitor style
  • Adjusts from 76mm to 114mm, enabling the choice of three comfortable viewing positions for the user
  • Space underneath the monitor platform provides paper storage
  • Platform rotates 45 degrees, enables easily shared viewing
  • Supports up to 14kg in weight (17 inch monitor)
  • WxDxH: 426 x 289 x 121mm
  • Enjoy 3 FOR THE PRICE OF 2 while stocks last!
  • Just £62 for two inc VAT!

By using a monitor or laptop riser you can feel confident that the optimal viewing range is achieved! What’s more, the featured riser comes with additional benefits for you and your desk, like the handy paper storage space which saves plenty of room at your workstation! For more information about office ergonomics, to discuss bulk orders or to speak to a member of our team, simply call on 0870 766 1624. Alternatively, you can simply order the item on our website by following the direct links!

Is Your Business Preventing Injuries in the Workplace?

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Is your business preventing workplace related injuries? In this modern day of health and safety regulations and employer/employee lawsuits, it should be top of your firm’s agenda to ensure that your place of work meets with the required health and safety regulations. If your business is up to standards, then you can be safe in the knowledge that you are protected against the possibility to legal action being taken against you.

Remember, prevention is better than cure, so if you can make sure that your workplace is well equipped to handle your staff’s needs, you will be protected against injury. 43% of Europeans have suffered from backache associated with an inappropriate workspace! This can be caused through slouching, poor posture and improper support to the back. If your job involves working at a computer, any back pain or discomfort you experience is likely to be linked with this. Incorrect foot and leg positioning can also lead to back pain!

Here at Office 365 we suggest using back supports. Our selection of Fellowes back supports give firm support to the back’s natural curve. Take our Fellowes Office Suite Back Support featured for example!

  • Mesh fabric allows air flow for your personal comfort
  • Easily attaches to any office chair using Tri-Tensioner attachment
  • Promotes improved posture
  • Gently moulds to your body’s contours to provide maximum uniform support
  • WxDxH: 450 x 160 x 500mm
  • Weight: 0.17kg
  • Just £40.67 inc VAT!

Used in conjunction with the Fellowes foot supports which elevate your feet ensuring your thighs are parallel to the floor; you’ll have the perfect back pain prevention! Using the foot and back support together will encourage you to work in a position that requires the smallest amount of muscle activity which will help reduce muscle strain and prevent discomfort and back pain. Our Fellowes Professional Independent Foot Support featured is the perfect accompaniment to this back support.

  • Ergonomically designed to promote movement and comfort, improving circulation
  • With independent platform motion to promote better balance and healthy circulation while seated
  • Surface massage bumps help relieve tension and stress
  • Dual mode allows you to choose active or fixed support to improve circulation
  • Up to 30 degree range of motion for maximum health benefit
  • WxDxH: 408 x 416 x 100mm
  • Just £50.89 inc VAT

Spring Clean With Office 365

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After this morning’s – clammy in comparison to previous mornings – walk to school, I think we’d all agree that spring is finally here! After the long, furiously cold and depressing winter we’ve just endured, it couldn’t have arrived soon enough! So now it’s a case of switching warm winter coats for lighter spring jackets, swapping jumpers for sweatshirts (don’t think we’re quite there with the t-shirts yet) and wellies and winter boots for casual footwear – hallelujah!

However with spring comes a rather more pressing matter…spring cleaning… Afraid so people, time to roll up those sleeves and get your houses and places of work in tip top shape for a fresher summer! It may all feel extremely daunting, however with the right attitude, and your ‘Mary Poppins’ heads on, you may just find that element of fun!…maybe…

Here at Office 365 we have a surprisingly large selection of cleaning equipment and an even wider choice of cleaning products to choose from! With all the top named brands, and the latest quality products, you can be sure of a sparkle and a gleam that even your mother-in-law would be impressed by!

Browse through categories such as bin bags & liners, brooms & brushes, buckets & wringers, cloths, draining racks, general equipment, general products, kitchen & bathroom, mops, paper rolls, soap & hand, trolleys, vacuum cleaners and vinyl gloves!

Please don’t mistake our ‘spring clean’ attitude for one that suggests you do not regularly clean your home! There will always be those tasks that need to be done on a more regular basis. In the workplace cleaners are employed to dust, wash and vacuum the premises every single day of the working week! In the home it works differently because of the hours we work. Generally we can expect to wash dishes and kitchen surfaces every day, vacuum and sweep the floors every day to every other day together with the clothes wash cycles, and dust, change bedding and clean the bathroom once a week. All in all, a great deal of supplies are required in order to maintain standards whether for the home or the workplace!

If you have any questions about any of our products or services, please feel free to call a member of our staff who can help you with bulk buy quotations and stock availability – 0870 766 1624.

Protect Against Headache in the Workplace With Our Screen Filters!

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Many people who work with computers everyday find they need to take regular breaks to prevent headaches and fatigue. The glare of a computer screen can put a real strain on the eyes which inevitably causes all kinds of complaints. If your computer is near a window or light sauce it is more likely to cause irritation such as eye strain, burning, sore eyes, blurred vision, and tired eyes due to the additional focus required to see the images on the monitor.

The issue of screen glare proves true with both computers and laptops, and is often overlooked. Many people instead try to learn to live with the problem by taking tea breaks and finding work away from the computer. However this isn’t always possible as some are confined to work that can only be completed by using the computer and must meet tight deadlines so therefore cannot take regular breaks, or breaks at all for that matter! For those who find themselves in this category, you can eliminate screen glare and block harmful radiation with our range of screen filters.

Our anti-glare screen filters are treated so that they reduce dazzle from monitors and laptops, which in turn will prevent eye strain and the complaints which inevitably follow. The other benefit of using an anti-glare filter is that it prevents others around you from seeing what is on your monitor. In today’s world, much information we process at work is protected by the Data Protection Act (1998). Employees often work with individual customer accounts and become the sole manager of that account; in this instance, it may be essential that their information is protected from ‘public’ display with the use of a filter. When viewing from the side your monitor will appear blurred to prevent others from reading sensitive information. Many customers find screen filters useful in schools so that students can be prevented from ‘copying’ each other’s work and also when working to produce something unique.

We have an extensive variety of different screen filters here at Office 365 which have been designed to fit a wide choice of screen sizes. With brands such as 3M, 5 Star, Compucessory and Fellowes as well as framed and frameless options, you’re sure to find the perfect screen for your environment. For help or information, please feel free to speak to a member of our team on 0870 766 1624.

Xerox Ink Sticks – Office 365 Thumbs Up!

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In 1991 Xerox created a revolutionary new printing method which they named Ink Sticks. The new method solved all of our complaints and met all the requirements we thought were too much to ask. However still, the economical and colourful sticks remain in the shadows due to simple lacking in communication! The world is still to discover this phenomenal new creation.

And how does this new printing process actually work I hear you ask. Try to imagine the cycle of a printer and the various tasks which are completed within moments. With Xerox Ink Sticks as the printing process begins, the long life roller in your printer will quickly apply a microscopic layer of silicone oil to the heated drum for reliable ink release. The print head will then apply all colours while a sheet of paper is rapidly fed between the drum and a roller, transferring the ink onto the sheet. It is thanks to this innovative method that no fuser is required; one less expense already! As the ink on the drum transfers to the paper, it soaks into the paper fibres which means no mess, as opposed to the spreading of liquid ink jets or the toner scattering of laser. The ink will then cool and solidify immediately forming a strong and permanent bond to the paper; all this in as little as 5 seconds!

Take a look at our Xerox Black Ink Sticks (Pack 3) featured.

  • Inkjet Cartridges for use with Xerox Printers
  • Model: Phaser 8500/8550
  • Page life: 3000
  • Packed 3
  • Black
  • Just £52.20 inc VAT
  • Also available in yellow, cyan and magenta.

Xerox Ink sticks produce stunning full colour results and create virtually no waste at all in comparison to other printing methods! In fact it actually produces 90% less waste than a typical colour laser product. It is thanks to these huge reductions in waste that ink sticks are the number one environmental choice! Xerox Ink Sticks colour printing technology give you the most value for your money; the solid ink produces brilliant and vibrant prints on a wide range of media, plus is the easiest technology on the market to use! Why not try it for yourself!