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Flipchart Pads The Essential Office Aid!

It’s funny how an item as simple as a large pad of paper, basically headbound so that each page can be turned over at the top to reveal the next sheet, would become such a vital product in every school, office and place of business! The flipchart pad is popularly used combined with an easel during presentations, lectures and seminars. Even though time has moved on and we are using more, increasingly advanced technology, the flip chart still continues to be the most effective presentation media there is.

The flipchart pad is a prime example of how it isn’t always necessary to invest a lot of money in high tech visual aids in order to create an effective presentation; the best visual aids are in fact the simplest. It is essential to remember the purpose your visual aid is intended for; you are looking to enhance your demonstration, not upstage it.

Often people invest in high tech presentation equipment, however find that due to the cost of replacement parts, bulbs, software and specialists accessories needed in order to complete the lecture; the machinery ends up dusty in a cupboard. There are several advantages to using a flip chart pad; you will not need to budget for bulbs, extension leads, specialist films and expensive markers; upgrading software, laser pointers and other such accessories; all that is required when using a flipchart pad is a box of flip chart markers. Using a flipchart enables you to brainstorm ideas and methods with your audience; you will be able to make last minute changes with complete ease!

Flipcharts are commonly used for:

  • Presentations
  • Training
  • Capturing information during group discussions
  • With an easel as a display and information board (where other methods prove too expensive or information is changeable)
  • Teaching in schools, colleges or universities
  • Track targets and goals in sales and manufacturing places of work
  • Display menus or specials in cafes and restaurants
  • Child play and learning in nurseries and pre schools
  • Art classes and artists
  • Coaching in schools, offices and sports teams

At Office 365 we have a selection of pads by the makers of 5 Star, Nobo, PAD, Quartet and Whitebox in a large variety of options such as perforated, plain, ruled and seven self adhesive! Ordering online couldn’t be simpler, however if you need any help or advise, please feel free to contact a member of our team on 0870 766 1624.

Meeting Room Finishing Touches

Ok, so you’d like to impress these new prospective clients you have coming in next week so you aim to make the meeting one that will stand out and will wow them with not only your professionalism, and fabulous business assets, but with your organisational skills too. You plan to make them feel as at home, welcome, comfortable, and yet ‘blown away’ as humanly possible and are pondering quite how you’re going to pull this one off. The idea is to have them as enthusiastic as you are about being onboard with your company and so now’s the time to pull out all the stops to make this happen.

First of all you need to think about meeting room furniture. Do you have current meeting room pieces already in place? Are you likely to be holding many meetings with prospective clients or with this particular client once they accept your proposition (thinking optimistically here!)? If so you may want to look at the state of your existing furniture; is it suitable or will an upgrade be needed?

Next you need to look at some way you can tell the rest of the office that you are holding a meeting; the last thing you want is for your staff to come bursting into the meeting room – not very impressive! Think about whether you would prefer a floor standing sign which displays that there is a meeting in progress or whether you would prefer a sliding door sign which indicates ‘meeting room engaged’ or ‘meeting room vacant’. There are plenty of meeting rooms signs available to choose from, you just need to consider your budget.

You will obviously need to make sure you have all the essential presentation supplies, whether this be flipcharts, flipchart markers, OHP machines, projection screens, interactive copyboards, pointers, whiteboards and so on. Do remember to prepare for your meeting; will you be using flipcharts, whiteboards, OHP’s or copyboards to broadcast and present your ideas? Whichever you choose prepare before you get in!

Last but not least, please them! It’s so true, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomachs and so what better way to put a smile on their faces than to give them tasty food and beverages! We have plenty of meeting room drinks at Office 365 including tea’s hot chocolates, coffee’s, juices, soft drinks, milk, soup, squashes and water! Our range of meeting room biscuits includes options such as HobNobs, Fox’s assorted biscuits, chocolate digestives, Cadbury mini fingers, Crawford teatime varieties, Oreo biscuits and so many, many more! So stock up on all the goodies and give them a tasty selection that is sure to sweeten them up before you even get started!

OHP Film – For That Unusual Binder Cover

Are you looking for a new way to jazz up your ring binder system? The very first ring binder or lever arch file you’ll ever own will be for organisational purposes, and this will continue to be the case for every binder you own throughout the years. Most people find that their first is during the educational period of their lives, most likely beginning during the year prior to GCSE’s, when course work and studies have begun and work must come home, must be kept safe and is of great importance. Using a binder then will ensure that any work you produce that will count towards your grade can be kept safe and pristine, and any study materials can be kept together ensuring optimum organisation and ease of successful studying. Having said this however, my daughter had her first ring binder a couple of years back in 4 or 5 in junior school! This was purely for ‘club’ purposes with her friends and for her drawings.

Later on, as the years go on, you’ll find that binders are useful in your home for keeping you bills and paper work together. Used together with plastic pockets, ring binders are perfect for storing not only your utility bills, but your various certificates too, whether this be children’s awards and achievements (and your own), or your birth, deed-pole and/or marriage certificates! You’ll also find them very useful for other area’s in the home such as to store your recopies, and in my strange and wonderful families case; to store the bizarrely adjusted lyrics to traditional Christmas songs for ‘Sing Alongs’ on Christmas Eve.

In the workplace the binder is used, normally as a collection in order to file various customer and client accounts. Used as a set these binders can be grouped together and filed upon a shelf, stored alphabetically for ease of retrieval. With the addition of dividers and indexes, you’ll find you can create the perfect filing tool! Another popular use for the binder in an office environment is for various guides and manuals. Commonly used for training guides, health and safety reference folders, but also to showcase work and services for prospective clients and customers; the binder in a priceless tool.

Most ring binders and lever arch files have the facility to add a cover so that it can either be personalised or so that the binder can be labelling in some way. A cover will indicate a variety of things such as who it belongs to, what it contains, which date or letter of the alphabet the binder covers, the name of the club or association and so on. One unique way of producing a binder cover is to use OHP Film, also known as Over Head Projector film. This clear film can be written upon or fed through and printer for more accurate fonts and designs. We’ve found that black printing on transparencies is very effective, attention grabbing and can look exceptionally professional.

At Office 365 you will not only find a complete array of ring binders and lever arch files, but you will also enjoy the full spectrum of transparencies too. You can place orders online, or for enquires, quotes for bulk orders, or simply to speak to a human when placing your order, you can call on 0870 766 1624.

10 Essentials For The PA

So you’ve been promoted to PA huh?! Well good for you, however now you need to live up to the job in hand! You need to impress, be willing, and be capable to do everything involved in being the most vigilant personal assistant. The idea is that you make your boss’s job easier. Lighten their work load, alleviate their stress, keep track of their goings on and keep everything running smoothly and effectively. But what does this involve exactly? Well, other than professionalism and confidentiality, you will need to be organised, VERY organised, self motivated and of course computer literate.

Other than the obvious, it is imperative that you have a confidence when dealing with others; you will need to be ‘thick skinned’ and professional when dealing with difficult people and CEO’s. You must be able to keep a calm head when under pressure. Pleasant communication is key; influencing and negotiating with others for their time and their resources. However you must also take into consideration that you are effectively your boss’s go between. Correspondents will go through you first, and all written communication will be by yourself, on their behalf, so brushing up on your written communication skills is as important as your verbal ones!

Of course you will need to be clued up on all the relevant computer programs and IT skills as well as having a good knowledge of internet skills and e-commerce. Technological skills is a must these days.

But how can we help? Here at Office 365 we have a fantastic selection of essential stationery items for the successful PA. Take a look at the list below;

Diary – You will need to organise your boss’s to do list, meetings, interviews and various other arrangements, and so will make a diary of all time commitments reminding them of arrangements made. We have a vast selection of diaries here from desk to pocket, week-to-page, to, day-to-two-page options.

Dictation Machine – Take dictation – this will often prove a much more effective method of reminder than note taking. We have a selection of dictation machines and dictation tapes here at Office 365.

Minute Book – Of course you will need to attend events and meetings, you will even need to book, manage, prepare and minute meetings. Here you will find a supply of minute books perfect for this.

Accounts Books – As PA, you could even be responsible for managing a budget, in which case an accounts book certainly wouldn’t go amiss!

Presentation Supplies – You will even be required to prepare presentations, and so basic supplies such as flipcharts and pads and projector systems would be beneficial.

You will find a huge variety of stationery and office supplies here at Office 365 and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, all you have to do is ask. We’re always on hand to help in any way we can. 0870 766 1624 – You’ll find offers across the board, an unbeatable price match policy, plus 10% off your first order‼

Presentations – Sometimes Old Fashioned is Best!

It is a well known fact that presentations given with the use of visual aids make a better impact on the audience than if you’d given the presentation without any use of visual tools. However even through the progression from flipchart to overhead projectors, from overhead projectors to projectors and computers, from projectors and computers to PowerPoint and Keynote, the single most widely used presentation tool remains the flipchart pad!

Flipchart pads and pens may seem as though they’re from prehistoric times, however you will often find in life that simple tools come out best! Using a flipchart system provides a fast an effective way to put a presentation forward, brainstorming your own ideas and those of others. Everyone can use a pen and paper, and we can all safety say that we are truly ‘engaged’ when involved in a conversation or lecture. So when using a flipchart pad, you know that when you want to get your audience involved, it’s as simple as calling them up, handing them the pen and allowing them the limelight for a moment to illustrate their point, from pen-to-paper, so to speak.

The beauty of it is that its so simple to elaborate on your topic, or argument; your audience can have their say while you make notes and illustrations, expanding and brainstorming, sketching out their ideas the old fashioned way, a way that everyone can relate to. Just think, a flipchart presentation requires so power, no electricity and little advance planning and preparation. There’s no need to dim the lights, no need to explain what the equipment is that you’re using, no need to stock up on bulbs, screen and other expensive supplies; just a pad of paper and a pen.

Here at Office 365 we have a vast selection of flipcharts from Bi-Office, Nobo, Post-it, Quartet and White Box, plus we also have a cheaper variety from 5 Star! Our 5 Star A1 Perforated Flipchart Pad featured to your right is a fantastic example of quality features plus economy value!

  • Top quality A1 flipchart pad
  • Specially coated paper to prevent ink bleeding through
  • 40 perforated sheets for easy tear-off
  • Size: A1 (813 x 584mm)
  • Packed 5
  • Only £12.98 (saving a huge £81.88 off the recommended retail price‼‼)

The RRP on these is a (in our opinion) hefty £94.86! You’ll find similar products from Nobo at the same kind of price which we have reduced to around the £40-60 mark, however our best reduction is the featured 5 Star product yet you make no sacrifice on quality! Coated paper preventing bleed through, handy perforated pages, packed in 5’s, 40 sheets, the same boxes are ticked throughout. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to buy the more expensive brands and this is a prime example of when this is the case! Offer applies for a limited time only and so we highly recommend that you stock up‼ So if you’d like to discuss prices on bulk orders, why not get in touch with us on 0870 766 1624!

Easel Binders – Present in Style!

For the perfect way to present your ideas, plans, designs, artwork, blueprints and presentations, consider the use of easel binders. They are still a rather unique way of demonstrating your skills and strengths to your target audience and are always able to impress even the most demanding of audiences. Allowing you hands free presentation, easel binders will sit upon a table top, upright allowing either you or the recipient to turn the pages – rather like a flip chart – to view your work.

A fantastic advantage to the easel binder is its ease of transportation. These highly portable presentation binders slip easily into your bag, briefcase or laptop bag to be retrieved and set up in seconds. Unlike the easel, or flipchart (which requires an easel for presentations), you can take the easel binder wherever you go! When it’s as easy as this, why continue using the same old methods; impress give your work it’s deserved ‘wow factor’ by presenting it in the best possible way‼

An easel binder is also a great idea for presenting artwork at GCSE level, A level or above. Graduates alike will find the need for easel binders as will those leaving education so that they can display the results of their education. Many schools now provide easel binders for their final year pupils so that they are able to represent their GCSE certificates and other qualification when applying for further education or employment. As do graduates who use easel binders to display their achievements when applying for employment in their chosen career.

The easel binder makes the ideal career portfolio as it can organise and file your education and qualifications, work samples and skills. These are commonly used when applying for jobs, for college or training programs, or for when interviewing for promotion and salary increase as they display skills and track personal development.

Take a look at our Durable A4 Easel Binder Featured (also available in A3 size).

  • Distinctive portable display easel
  • New rigid, moulded spine allows upright shelf storage
  • Replaceable index/title strip
  • Ribbed soft PVC front cover
  • Velcro fastening
  • 4 ring mechanism will hold up to 30 pockets
  • Supplied with 10 pockets
  • Our Price – Just £31.38 that a saving of £11.02 on the RRP‼

To check stock availability, for bulk order quotes or for any other enquiries, call us on 0870 766 1624 where a member of our team will be happy to help.

Perfect Your Interview With a Flipchart Pad

It is very common practise these days to expect to present yourself and your knowledge during an interview using a flipchart. I’ve spoken to a couple of people recently who were both faced with the same thing; they mentally prepared themselves to interview for the new job, prepared their questions and prepared their ‘self sales speech’ so to speak, but however didn’t practise for giving a flipchart presentation. In both incidents they failed to make it to the next stage because of this. It can be extremely daunting to stand up and put pen to paper in front of a board of people and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in an area, not to mention having to do so without notice and preparation!

Flipchart pads are widely chosen for presentations as they are a cost effective and simple way of providing a visual explanation for your audience. Enhanced with a spoken explanation, your flipchart presentation could be rather impressive! Practice your presentation at home first concentrating on making your points clearly, boldly and more colourfully as this way you are more likely to engross your audience. Flipchart pads are used to illustrate various points, sums and equations, emphasising words or topics, breaking down each subject until all areas have been thoroughly reviewed. Use the flipchart pad to impress the interviewer with your confident presentation skills and abundance of knowledge. Using bold visuals such as charts and graphs will help you summarise your points and make clearer areas which need to be broken down. Look at your flipchart simply as a visual boost to your speech.

  • We recommend that you avoid using colours; yellow, pink, or orange. They are extremely difficult for the audience to see and could simply cause eye strain and annoyance.
  • Also, avoid using too many colours, using just one dark colour and one ‘accent’ colour works best.

If you’re planning on preparing your flipchart pad in advance and taking it with you to interview, we have a recommendation for you. Try our Nobo Recycled Flipchart Pad featured. Thsi pad boast the following qualities:

  • 40 sheets
  • Post consumer recycled paper
  • Perforated for easy tear-off
  • Size: A1 813 x 584mm
  • 100gsm – less chance of bleed through
  • Packed 5
  • Just £63.40 for 5 pads!

Made by our Nobo brand, this pad pleases all with its environmental credentials. However their best achievement is being awarded with the UK’s BOSS (British Office Supplies and Services) Federation Environmental Award 11 years running! The BOSS Federation is the trade association which serves the UK Office Supply and services industry by providing a range of initiatives, cost saving benefits and services, to enhance the business performance of its members. This comprehensive award scheme covers a wide range of environmental issues, such as reducing energy consumption and improving our employees’ working conditions.

Decent Display Folders at Fair Prices Only at Office 365!

If you’re taking advantage of the government’s new scheme for investing in young people’s new business ventures, then you’ll need a business plan before you approach your bank. You’ll also need to put together an impressive portfolio or display book of what exactly it is that your company is offering so that you can put forward a shining sales pitch for your prospective clients and customers.

Here at Office 365 you’ll find we have a wide selection of display folders that are available in both A4 and A3 formats and have a variety of different pocket options. Choose from 1-10 pocket, 11-20 pocket, 21-30 pocket, 31-50 pocket and various colour options. With plenty of brand choice on offer, you can select the best money can buy from our high class brands, or the best value brands for if you’re on a budget; choose from 5 Star, Concord, Durable, Rexel, Elba, Snopake, Sterifold, Tarifold, Exacompta and Leitz. You can also select from fixed pocket and removable pocket display book options and additions such as CD pockets, diskette and business card pockets and internal back pockets for loose papers.

Display folders are also useful for keeping reference documents and guarantees so that you have the information to hand when you might need it; however the display folder has so far proven most popular for use in presentations and for promoting business and products. Many people find them beneficial for keeping important paperwork and certificates in pristine condition. Display books can be a useful reference point for employee’s when used in areas of the office, for example Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Phone Lists, Bar Codes, Maps and as general handbooks.

If you’d like to purchase a display book, or maybe you’d like to talk about our prices on bulk orders, then please get in touch. Call us on 0870 766 1624 to speak to one of the team who will be happy to help.

Image Boosting Leather Portfolios

leather portfolio is a minimally priced item which adds maximum impact to both your reputation for organisation, you sophisticated look and your effectiveness during a conference. So if you’re looking for that accessory which could impress your colleagues and superiors and which can help you through your conference, then you’ve come to the right place. Because here at Office 365 we have a fantastic selection of affordable yet suave conference folders for you to choose from and from reputable brands.

Our conference portfolios each come supplied with a writing pad and solar calculator which we think makes them the ideal conference gift or corporate gift at Christmas and company anniversaries. They could also be an excellent tool in promoting your business. These portfolios are great when you need to take notes at sales meetings and their classy finish is great for creating executive appeal.

With the Collins Conference Portfolio, you can keep your notes, ID, and pens in one secure place. Featuring;

  • Smooth black “Leather Look” A4 portfolio with zipped closure
  • Soft touch, solar powered calculator
  • Contains A4 pad, business card holders, inside and exterior pockets and pen loop
  • Complete with ring binder mechanism for portable filing
  • WxH: 260 x 362mm
  • Capacity: 30mm
  • Just £17.86!

The Green Bit

One of the great things about Collins is that they will only order raw materials from reputable, well established companies who are compliant with environmental legislation and procedures. The Collins policy is to source their paper based products only from reputable mills which commit to implementing sustainable forest management to supply the need for wood as raw material for pulp making. They specifically require all supplier’s to pursue continual improvement in environmental performance by way of the following:

Conducting environmental protection by complying to existing environmental legislation and regulations, and other regulations.

  • Carrying out monitoring of environmental performance continuously.
  • Improving efficiency of resource consumption.
  • Improving environmental awareness to all employees through education and training on a continuous basis and providing environmental information to the wider society and government.
  • Maintaining preparedness and response to emergency situations.
  • Enhancement of participation and contribution to local community welfare through Forest Community Development Programmes.

Presentation Supplies at Office 365 UK!

When giving a presentation in front of an audience, it is pivotal that you get it right! If you’re audience pick up on your nerves, a lack of confidence in what you are saying or obvious errors; then you’re wasting your time. Ok, so it’s not like they’ll throw rotten vegetables at you, boo or hiss, however what will happen is they won’t buy your product, nor will they learn from what it is you’re trying to lecture; they won’t sign up for your cause and they certainly will not recommend you, your company or your product. Nowadays, people expect more than a lengthy speech which will ultimately send them to sleep, even if you do add a little humor. They expect imagery, demonstrations, technology and general interactive content. So before you begin, make sure you have the supplies you need to get your audience involved!

  • Find a retailer of good value presentation supplies
  • Be Organised – Make sure your content flows well and has a clear focus set out from the start of your presentation. Have some patience; set out your objective first and make sure that you presentation is planned in such a way that the message is clearly put across to your audience, and they understand the goal. Remember, if you’re unsure of your objective, then your audience will stand no chance of understanding what you’d like to achieve.
  • Use Various Interaction Methods – It may also help you to know that according to a study done by the Navy, the average adult’s attention span is 18 minutes, so make sure that you vary your speech, it’s format and your interaction methods. Use a flipchart pad for your Q & A section incorporating the audience into your presentation. To illustrate key points, use projector transparencies, making sure not to shadow your projection! Use display systems from table to table providing basic information of your cause, product or business.
  • Q & A Section – No matter how objective your questioner is, remain cool and respectful. Rehearse obvious questions before the presentation so that you can be prepared and give clear, concise and intelligent answers. It often goes down well to redirect the question, getting your audience involved and communicating with each other. If you believe the question that has been asked is not clear to others, rephrase it first and then answer.

There are a number of ways that you can make sure that you give an effective presentation, however other than the skill to demonstrate, the most important element are the supplies in which you use to put your message across. At Office 365 you will find a number of presentation supplies which are priceless in terms of their positive effects on your demonstration. Take a look at our Copier film from top quality brands, our Flipchart Pads which are available in various sizes, our inkjet film, laser film and write on film to work in conjunction with your projectors and various other presentation supplies. If you’re looking for the apparatus to perform your presentation, take a look at our presentation equipment section.