5 Star Waste Bins – Perfect on a Budget!

We’ve been talking a lot recently about how important it is to make sure your office is up to standards to bring in the New Year positively. Organisation has been discussed and how if we’re looking for a more productive and efficient year with a peak in business and profits, then first we must have a sort out‼ It has been suggested that the place be cleaned, freshened up, new supplies of stationery, calendars and desk diaries bought, and a complete overhaul of the filing systems. With the office spruced up and with everything in its place, you can be sure that things will run more smoothly and as a result, you will see a positive rise in the productivity of your staff resulting in increasing sales and profits!

But if you were to question your staff on what annoys them most about the office, you may be surprised at their answer! One of the top answers given by the average office worker was, would you believe, a lack of bins! Other top answers included more predictable responses such as ‘too short lunch breaks’, ‘uncomfortable operator seating’ and ‘lack in communication’. But if you think about it, I suppose answering that the lack of office waste bins is frustrating is perfectly understandable. When you consider how much paper we use on a daily basis, from notes and messages, faxes, used envelopes and food packaging even, if you had to get up and walk across the office every time you needed to dispose of an item, you would be annoyed!

So along with organising your filing and sprucing the place up in time for the New Year, make sure you provide a bin for each desk in the office. You’ll notice a surprising response from your staff, they’ll be more satisfied than you would have thought considering it’s just a bin!

You don’t have to push the boat out, cheapy bins will do, it’s not like something which contains rubbish should be pretty looking or should ooze sophistication. Plus, if you’re buying one for each desk you’ll need to keep an eye on the budget. We would suggest steel waste bins for starters as they are less likely to be knocked over, or to become cracked or chipped. Take our 5 Star Round Metal Scratch Resistant Waste Bin for example.

  • Made from iron
  • Finished in bright scratch-resistant epoxy paint
  • Diameter x Height: 300 x 280mm
  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • Buy 9 to qualify for free delivery
  • Wanting 25+ units? – Ask for a quote at check out or call for figures – 0870 766 1624
  • 74% off – Just £4.98!

5 Star’s range is affordable for all, yet all their products have a pleasing quality. Based in the UK 5 Star’s affordable range includes over 22,000 products! Each 5 Star product has attractively designed packaging for clearer product display and product information, plus they also have a fantastic choice of ‘Green’ options for those who are economically aware.

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