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The Best A4 80gsm Paper!

The most common and generic form of paper is most certainly A4 size 80gsm paper. To many, this may sound like a load of gobbledy gook, however if you’re going to be purchasing paper, you really need to know what this means! Most will know what A4 means; it is the standard paper size defined by ISO 216, the international standard (ISO) paper sizes used in most countries. It defines the “A” series of paper sizes, including of course A4 which is the most commonly available size measuring 210 × 297mm.

More likely, most of us will be confused by what 80gsm means; to understand this you will need to know that ‘gsm’, is Grams Per Square Meter. Gsm measures how heavy or ‘thick’ the paper is, so the fewer the number, the lighter or ‘thinner’ the paper. Based on this, the greater the number, the heaver and ‘thicker’ the paper will be. So our 80gsm standard paper is relatively thin paper in comparison to the thicker 100gsm varieties.

For everyday office duties such as copying and printing and even for most letter writing and correspondents, A4 80gsm paper is perfect. This too goes for the home where 80gsm A4 paper is ideal for home based tasks such as letter writing and lists, printing, children’s artwork and so on. It is only where documents begin to carry some hefty importance that we should consider moving up a level and considering 90gsm+ paper and with economics as they are, it’s a good job too. Using 80gsm paper reduces waste and fuel consumption during manufacturing and the amount of recycled pulp use and tree felling too.

A prime example of A4 80gsm paper is our Evolve Business Paper featured.

  • Premium paper made from 100% reclaimed material!
  • Allows businesses to maintain the highest print quality standards without any environmental compromises
  • Guaranteed for use on all mono and colour office printing applications
  • FSC accredited
  • Whiteness – 146
  • 80gsm
  • Size: A4
  • Packed: 500 sheets
  • RRP£26.44Our price just £6.58, that’s an incredible £19.86 off!

There are no compromises here; everything you’d expect from your paper including exceptional quality, with vastly reduced negative effects on our planet; just one way that you can do your bit in the home and the workplace.

Economical Archive Solutions From R Kive!

An archive file or box usually contains original records which have accumulated over the course of the individuals or organisation’s lifetime. It may include letters, photographs, computer files, papers, scrapbooks, financial records or diaries created or collected by that individual, whereas the archives of an organisation will normally contain other types of records, such as administrative files, memos, business records, official correspondence and meeting minutes. All papers and information found within an archive has been selected for permanent or long-term preservation.

Here at Office 365 we have a large range of archive products, our favourite being from the R-Kive brand brought to us by Fellowes. Fellowes focus their creative energy on developing products that will provide their consumers with workspace solutions that will enhance creation, organisation, management, storage and protection.

We like the all of the R Kive Boxes selection, however if we were to pick one to recommend to you, it would be the R-Kive Basics Storage Bags featured. The value for money here is astonishing, together with complete functionality and the excellent quality we’ve come to expect from Fellowes.

  • An economical way to store papers and correspondence
  • Full-length dust flap
  • Made from high quality manila
  • Suitable for A4 and foolscap filing
  • WxDxH: 101 x 254 x 356mm
  • Packed 25
  • Just £24.29!

Purchase your archive filing system this way means that you will not need to individually purchase a box for each area of filing. This pack of 25 provides a folder for all areas and spares too! However, as we’ve said, we do have a large variety and so if this isn’t what you were looking for, take a look at our full selection on line.

The Green Bit

At Fellowes they are committed to growing and managing their business in an environmentally-responsible manner. Their aim is to exceed industry standards for green initiatives through the development of environmentally friendly innovations and improvements to their processes which will result in reduced wastage, reduced energy consumption and minimal impact on the environment.

Also, Fellowes have supported WWF through the sale of their R-Kive® Panda corrugated storage products since 1994. To date Fellowes has contributed in excess of £500,000 towards the crucial work of WWF. WWF works to conserve endangered species like tigers and whales; protects endangered spaces like forests and savannahs and addresses global threats to the planet such as climate change and toxic chemicals. Every tonne of recycled cardboard used in their Panda range of products represents the saving of 17 trees. Some 14.6 million hectares of natural forest are lost each year – an area larger than England and every minute, around 30 hectares of forest disappear – that’s roughly the size of 37 football pitches.

Office 365 – Best Supplier For Labels

Today, we are all label mad; we use labels to identify objects and possessions, to give them directions, to price them, to address them, to return them, to mark them faulty, sold or reduced! Without labels we would be resorted to labelling items with markers which – if the markers permanent – damages the item making it immediately faulty, and if they’re not permanent means that the item is open to tampering. As annoying as it can sometimes be, peeling off a label leaves a mess which acts as its own ‘tamper evident’ security, what’s more, a label is far more difficult to replace and to duplicate.

Finding the right supplier of labels is essential; many businesses use hundreds of labels a week, a day even and so getting the perfect product and the most reasonable price is essential! That’s why at Office 365 we believe we’re up to your challenge. Switch to us for all your labels (and other stationery and office supplies if you like) and see how our prices, products and services match up to your expectations. We have an extensive variety of small labels and a very popular selection of large labels too all available from brands including 5 Star, Avery, Brother, Dymo, Herma and Post-it.

A great example of a small label pack would be the Avery Mini Labels 80 per sheet featured below.

  • 35.6 x 16.9 mm
  • Can be used with colour laser / laser / inkjet / copier
  • Used to mark & identify
  • White
  • 2000 labels
  • 25 Sheets per Pack
  • Permanent adhesive
  • 80 labels per sheet
  • Rounded corners
  • FSC

We’re treating our customers to a great price reduction here; their RRP is £17.11, however we’re giving you a fantastic £4.87 off! That means our price is just £12.24! With our Price Match Policy, you can be sure that these are the lowest UK prices on the net, and if they’re not, let us know and we will give you the difference! Furthermore, if you’re looking to purchase in bulk, we would be more than happy to discuss taking the price down even further! With free, fast, UK  shipping on all orders over £40 and a dedicated in house customer support team, we’re always on hand to help, bringing you the best deals, the friendliest customer service and products to your door FAST!

Cater For the Left Handed Users In Your Office

According to statistics, 13% of the world’s population are left handed and it is thought that being left handed is generic.  In fact evidence shows that it definitely runs in families! My family are a great example of this. My grandfather was born left handed and back then it was seen as something which should be corrected. The poor lad was forced to write with his right hand, which as you can imagine, was a real struggle. He is now ambidextrous (can write with both his left and right hands) which I think is pretty smart! My brother is also left handed and so it seems that he picked up our grandfathers gene, and so it will go on.

I do remember my brother struggling with certain tasks; tools and general products are not designed for left handed use and I remember this frustrating him greatly. Many left handed people struggle with some everyday tasks which can make you appear awkward or just hopeless. However it is not you! It is simply that you are using the wrong tools! A common example is left handed scissors. If you find that you tear the paper rather than cut it and can never seem to cut neatly along a line, then it is because you are using the wrong scissors.

Try our 5 Star Left Handed Scissors featured.

  • Orange ABS handles with machined stainless steel blades
  • 10 year blade guarantee
  • Left-handed
  • Size: 217mm
  • Our price is just £1.03 giving you a saving of £6.38 off the RRP!

Left-handed scissors have their blades reversed so that the top blade is always on the left, this way you can see your cutting line. The natural squeezing action of your hand pushes the blades together and the result is a guillotine like action, rather than pushing them apart where the paper just bends between the blades.

It is always a good idea to cater to all the needs of your staff; don’t discriminate against the left hander’s by assuming everyone is right handed or can use right handed tools, consider them when making you stationery purchases!

Cover Your Businesses Security With Our Innovative Visitors Book

Using a visitor’s book can mean the difference between an unidentified thief with many losses to your business, and a thief identified or deterred without any negative consequences to your business, other than your time. If when a person enters your premises they are required to fill out their details not only will they be aware that their presence is logged and so be deterred from carrying out a crime, but you will have their details for questioning should anything untoward happen. Many companies now use visitor’s books for just this.

Our range of Durable Visitors Books have an additional feature which would also be beneficial should there be an incident in your business. With the use of visitors badges each person that enters the building will effectively carry a ‘name tag’. This will not only deter them, but would also indicate to everyone present who they are so that in the event of crime witnesses can not only describe the criminal, but state their name too. This form of security has proven extremely beneficial to businesses mainly as a deterrent.

Take a look at our Durable Visitors Book for example. It features:Your

  • Practical visitors book contained in a stylish ‘leather look’ padded cover
  • Contains 100 easy to complete badge inserts which can be used with the 60x90mm Durable Visitors Badge
  • Perforated top copy tears out for insertion into a security badge
  • Duplicate details are retained as a permanent visitor record
  • A security sheet ensures complete visitor confidentiality
  • A simple ‘time out’ sheet ensures keeping track of visitor departures is easy
  • Just £23.70!

You’ll also find Durable visitors book refills here at Office 365, so that when you run out, you don’t have to buy the whole lot all over again!

If you’d like any further help and guidance on how to make your workplace safe, secure and efficient, why not get in touch with one of our team who will be more than happy to run through other security measures you could take – 0870 766 1624.

Robust Green Suspension Files at Office 365 UK!

One of the most commonly purchased stationery and office supplies (aside from paper and ink cartridges) is the suspension file. Every office (these days even home offices) has a filing cabinet or two, some have more still. Considered the best filing tool regardless of the environment, the filing cabinet allows you to store large quantities of paper work under various different categories. You can file alphabetically, numerically and even in order of date thanks to the hefty filing cabinet, but not without the trusty suspension file.

Suspension files comprise generally of a ‘U’-shaped pocket of flexible, or semi-flexible, synthetic plastics, card or manila with an often expanding bulbous lower portion or base. The two upper edges of the pocket are made into tubular sleeves, which each house a support rod that extends outside of the sleeves. Each projecting end of the rod is notched so that it can engage with a support rail inside a filing cabinet drawer. Typically a number of suspension files will be inserted into each drawer, each or some being labelled via tabs which protrude from an upper edge of the file. Paper work can then be filed within the suspension files in order of category marked on the tabs.

Here at Office 365 we have an extensive selection of suspension files from a huge variety of brands such 5 Star, Arnos, Durable, Elba, Esselte, Europa, L’Oblique, Leitz, Multifile, Pendaflex, Pierre Henry, R-Kive, Snopake, Twinlock and many, many more! However we highly recommend that you make your choice based on durability! Your suspension files will no doubt be required to hold substantial quantities of paper work and in time will wear. Choosing a file that has an expanding base and that is made of plastic or polypropylene is always your best bet as they will not only hold huge amounts of paper work, but will stand the test of time too!

Our Rexel Crystalfile Extra Suspension Files featured will no doubt please all boasting the following qualities:

  • Twinlock Crystalfile Extra Suspension Wider Capacity Files
  • Reinforced base and steel suspension file bar for extra strength
  • Ideal for filing large projects or bulky documents
  • Supplied complete with clear plastic tabs and white card tab inserts
  • Size: Foolscap
  • Made using durable polypropylene
  • Wider capacity 50mm box bottom files to store up to 500 sheets of paper
  • Packed 25
  • Green
  • RRP – £133.39 – Our price – £89.01!

We have plenty more green suspension files where that one came from, so why not browse our entire collection for one that suits your individual needs.

Staple Removers For a Snip of Their Worth!

If you had to hazard a guess, how many times would you say you’ve broken or bend back a nail trying to unpick a staple? It drives me bonkers when shop assistants staple my receipt to vouchers or when you must complete and return a form however it’s stapled to the information letter! The amount of times I’ve needed to scan or photocopy documents, only they’re stapled together and so I must endure the awful task of removing the little mites! And why on earth do people staple notices and letters to walls and notice-boards; that’s what pins are for! You try pulling a staple out of the wall without doing damage to your nails…ouch! Worse still, try unpicking a staple when you’re a nail biter – impossible! I don’t mean to rant, but seriously there must be an easier (and less painful!) alternative?

Thank fully there is; using a simple gadget such as a staple remover will prevent all these woes however the icing on the cake is that it will quickly remove the staple from the material without causing the material any damage! Plus we’ve found another very innovative use for the staple remover! We all try and try and try again to add and remove things to and from our key rings, it can be such a nightmare resulting in the same bent back and broken nails and general frustration. The thin teeth of a staple remover easily fit between the rings of your key ring and when you clamp them down, they will separate the rings so that you can slide on your new key! Problem solved!

A great example of a quality model that costs you practically nothing at all is the 5 Star Black Staple Remover featured below.

  • Classic traditional pinch type
  • For home and office use
  • Removes staples and pins easily
  • Black
  • RRP £1.63 – Our price just 33p!

For just 33p you could have this helpful little buddy that willingly and easily extracts staples keeping you free from pain, broken nails, lost keys, torn documents and general frustration! This things worth its weight in gold yet is surprisingly cheap, so why not? Plus at Office 365 you can guarantee super fast delivery and better prices still if you’d like to order in bulk! Simply order online for a fast and easy transaction, or call us on 0870 766 1624 for telephone orders and queries.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to welcome you aboard as one of our satisfied customers.

Take Care of Your Precious Designs

All artists, no matter where they are in their career will have a strong desire to present and display their work well. Students are a typical example of this as they strive to produce work of a standard that will allow them a pass at the end of their schooling. Art and design requires a huge amount of concentration, focus, imagination, inspiration and dedication. When you have put all this and more into a piece of artwork, or into a design, it becomes your baby; precious, vulnerable and completely invaluable! So what should you do next?

  1. Protect it! – The last thing you want is for your hard work to be ruined by spilled drinks, coffee cup rings, rain and wear.
  2. Transport it safely! – If you need to get your artwork or decision from A to B then you’ll need an effective method of transporting it which will keep it in pristine condition.
  3. Store it! – Don’t just stick it on a heap and assume it’ll be safe; you can do better than that! Find a solution to store it protected and preserved so that you can refer back to it again and enjoy its excellence.
  4. Present it! – Time to hand it in? Hoping for a ‘wow’ reaction? Do your work some justice by displaying it well; it’s no good just shoving it on a desk for viewing, the chances are it will become crumpled in some way or worse still, go missing. Display your work in a way that will impress the observer!

Here at Office 365 we have the solution to all of the above; A3 Landscape Ring Binders! Take a look at the Elba ring binder featured for a great example.

  • Four O-ring binding mechanism, ideal for use with presentations, larger quantities of papers, or where extra security of contents is required
  • Spine ticket label for quick reference
  • 30mm ring size
  • A3
  • Oblong/Landscape
  • Blue
  • Packed 5
  • Just £63.13 for 5!

All you need to create your fully fledged artwork and design protector, presenter, transporter, storage solution now, are plastic pockets to use with your landscape ring binders. Take a look at our selection of A3 plastic pockets here, which can be inserted into your ring binder for artwork to be stored, preserved and displayed effectively.

The Importance of Paper Recycling

Every day we each consume untold amounts of paper in some way or other and most of the time we don’t even realise we’re doing it. We’re delivered papers, we read them – we bin them, we consume breakfast cereal in the morning, then bin the box, we dispose of various food packaging throughout the day with paper labels on it, if we’re unlucky we’re issued parking tickets, every time we use the bathroom we flush away more paper, we dispose of junk mail, old books, receipts, napkins, old print outs and newsletters at home and work, glossy magazines, delivery packaging and the list goes on! I recently cleared out my daughters art drawer and found an upsetting amount of wasted screwed up paper that had barely been used; she’d make a mistake and start over on a fresh sheet! Needless to say, I had words! So today’s blog is about paper and its effects on our environment, but also what we can do to make things right.

Did you know? (Facts taken from The State of the Paper Industry, a report published by the Environmental Paper Network)

  • Forests store 50% of the world’s terrestrial carbon, without them this pollution would inevitably lead to global warming.
  • A sickening half of the world’s forests have already been cleared or burned, and worse still, 80% of what’s left has been seriously degraded.
  • A whopping 42% of the industrial wood harvest is used in order to make paper.
  • The paper industry is the 4th largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions among United States manufacturing industries, and contributes 9% of the manufacturing sector’s carbon emissions.
  • Even in this age of recycling awareness, paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and one third of municipal landfill waste.
  • Municipal landfills account for an incredible one third of human-related methane emissions and methane is 23-times more potent a greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide!
  • If the United States cut office paper use by just 10% it would prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gases — the equivalent of taking 280,000 cars off the road.
  • Compared to using virgin wood, paper made with 100% recycled content uses 44% less energy, produces 38% less greenhouse gas emissions, 41% less particulate emissions, 50% less wastewater, 49% less solid waste and, of course, 100% less wood!
  • In 2003, a pitiful 48.3% of office paper was recovered for recycling.
  • Recovered paper accounts for 37% of the U.S. pulp supply.
  • Demand for recycled paper will exceed supply by 1.5 million tons of recycled pulp per year within 10 years.

It’s clear that we have a situation here; however it’s one that is very easy to remedy! It is fundamentally essential that we ALL recycle our paper. We each have the facilities to do so and every county has recycling schemes we simply need to put paper recycling into practice to make it normal procedure. Each home and office should have waste bins and recycling waste bins and should ensure that each individual uses them correctly.

At Office 365 we are great believers in recycling and encourage it wholeheartedly. You’ll find we have a fantastic selection of recycled paper including A4 80gsm Paper. You can browse our selection of 80gsm A4 paper here along with various other sizes and weights. If you need any help or information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – 0870 766 1624!

The Multiple Uses of The Fold Back Clip

I’ve never actually known the correct term for these robust clips before, but they’ve always stood out to me with their strong clip section and there lever like metal clasps; there’s no other clip or fastener quote like them! The Fold Back Clip (also known as the binder clip) as it seems their called, are a concept that have been around for quite some time now and haven’t changed at all in its existence. The little binder was patented 100 years ago as a replacement to the tiresome process of manually hole-punching and binding papers with treasury tags. Now the addictive little play thing can be found in most every office, home, and even tool kit!

Foldback clips are made of a solid but flexible piece of steel and two hinged wires; when folded back, the binder clip’s metal hooks provide a leverage which opens the heavy-duty spring-loaded clasp. When you have fastened you papers or materials with the clasp, the metal arms fold forward again so that they are flush against the papers (or materials). Many people ask the question; why not just buy paper clips. The answers simple; paperclips just don’t hold anywhere near the amount of papers together as the foldback clip do, nor do they hold them as securely (despite our own Hercules the Paperclip protests). Other alternatives such as staples, treasury tags and wire/comb binders require the papers to be punctured; the foldback clip does not and is completely non-destructive.

Foldback clips can even be used in other areas aside from filing. Many people use them when hemming and for other material work and a great many people keep them in their tool boxes for temporary clamping and other such like tasks. Around the home they are useful for countless tasks; clamp them to your dressing table or mirror to hang jewellery from, or use them to gather jumbled leads together, the mind boggles! In the office they can be clamped to the sides of desks and the metal hooks can then be used to hang various leads and cables or even your tie if the office has become a little warm! There are certainly untold uses for these handy little gadgets!

Our Foldback clips come in many different sizes to suit different tasks:

  • 19mm
  • 24mm
  • 25mm
  • 32mm
  • 41mm
  • 50mm
  • 51mm

The larger the clip, the bulkier load of paper or materials can be clamped. Smaller clips can be useful when filing in drawers and cabinets and they do not consume so much space. To browse a full selection we recommend that you visit our site where you will find all sizes and colours available to suit your individual needs. For help and advice please call us on 0870 766 1624.